Tecan Annual Report
Tecan Annual Report

Dr. Achim von Leoprechting
Chief Executive Officer

Dear Readers

Tecan’s corporate purpose is to improve people’s lives and health, and we do this by empowering our customers to scale healthcare innovation globally from life science to the clinic. Underpinning Tecan’s purpose and embedded into our group strategy is our sustainability promise: Our products add value to society, our business practices do, too. Including sustainability considerations in our business decisions is essential to Tecan’s long-term success, and in keeping with our values of trust, highest standards and ambition: we want to continue to play our part in creating a better future. I’m pleased to bring you Tecan’s 2022 Sustainability Report, setting out our sustainability strategy in more detail, our initiatives to implement this and our longer-term aspirations for the future.

Tecan has published a Sustainability Report annually since 2007, and the content has never generated so much feedback from our customers, investors and colleagues as we received in 2022. In the past year, many of our customers communicated to us their own sustainability goals, and how Tecan can support these. They were pleased to learn that Tecan committed to the Science Based Targets initiative in February 2022, that we have completed our first total global carbon footprint calculation and that we are now in the process of implementing our greenhouse gas emissions reduction plan. As more and more organizations commit to science-based emissions reduction targets, working to decarbonize our business offers opportunities to strengthen relationships with our customers and suppliers, as we all start to pull together in this shared endeavour.

In 2022 we also set the foundation for measurable progress regarding both responsible sourcing and transitioning to a circular economy, two of our material topics. Embedding eco-design principles into Tecan’s R&D process sets us up well to continue reducing waste and minimizing the energy consumption of our products. And working with the sustainable supply chain service provider EcoVadis we have been able to screen our suppliers and identify areas for follow-up regarding environmental impact as well as suppliers’ own responsible sourcing efforts, to ensure our supply chain is adhering to strict human rights standards.

As a growing and global company we strive to continuously evolve our culture and working environment as the employer of choice in our industry. Tecan received Great Place To Work™ certification in Switzerland for the second time in 2022, which is a great testament to the trust our employees put into Tecan as an employer and the impact we have created to date with our employee-focussed activities. As we continue to pursue such activities at all our locations around the world, we will regularly collect our employees’ direct feedback and suggestions for improvements. Such dialogue brought a great result in 2022, directly influencing our outreach to potential new employees. Listening to colleagues describe what it is like to work at Tecan, we were very excited to launch our new campaign, inviting current and prospective team members to “Stay unique and make it count.” This message builds on the feedback we’ve received loud and clear in recent employee surveys: at Tecan, people feel secure to be themselves at work, and empowered to make their own unique contribution to bringing Tecan’s purpose to life. We celebrate the diversity of our employees and endeavour to create opportunities for team members to connect, sharing learnings and experiences, an aim boosted in 2022 with the implementation of Tecan’s new intranet, The Dot.

In 2023, we will ensure that our strong governance practices – already captured in internal documents – are increasingly reflected in our publicly available policies. We will work to align our reporting with standards such as TCFD (the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures), and as we further develop our Responsible Sourcing program, we will identify additional indicators that will enable us to track annual progress in this area. Continuing our tradition of transparency and engagement, we invite you to provide your view of our sustainability work as part of this ongoing dialogue and thank you for your interest in our ongoing efforts.