Tecan Annual Report
Tecan Annual Report


At Tecan we help scientists accelerate their research and translate their findings into real-world medical applications. Tecan plays a central role in driving global healthcare innovation, scaling its impact across the world. We prioritize standardization and scalability to ensure the quality and adaptability of new healthcare workflows and products. Aligned with our customers, our shared vision is focused on empowering research and achieving accurate diagnoses and personalized treatments for each patient, leveraging the power of genes, proteins, cells, and tissues as well as medical innovations.

In the Life Sciences Business, Tecan offers automation solutions that directly improve the efficiency and standardization of our diverse end customer’s workflows, including sample preparation for next-generation sequencing (NGS). This breakthrough technology revolutionizes patient care by providing personalized insights for each individual. NGS is just one of many genomic applications, highlighting the breadth of our impact in this field.

Through our Partnering Business, we extend our market reach by collaborating with partners to bring healthcare solutions to market. Leveraging Tecan's OEM capabilities, which include standardized or customized liquid handling components, OEM system development and automation, medical products, as well as lifecycle management and contract development and manufacturing. We pursue strategies to address healthcare challenges, such as hereditary diseases, metabolic diseases, cancer, and many more.

The integration of our automation solutions and partnering initiatives leverage the synergies of these two channels, allowing us to maximize the benefits of our modular platform approach and overarching expertise for our customers.

Automation and workflow integration are pivotal to meet the growing demands on increased throughput and diagnostic complexities. Our capabilities extend to comprehensive manufacturing and development in medical mechatronics. Tecan remains committed to advancing healthcare and contributing to precise and personalized healthcare for patients worldwide.