Tecan Annual Report
Tecan Annual Report

At the heart of helping healthcare scale up

I take pride in Tecan's crucial role in driving the future of healthcare, where the focus will shift decidedly to the individual patient.

Tecan shares the same vision as our customers: the right diagnosis and treatment for each and every patient. We empower personalized medicine informed by every patient’s genes, cells and tissues. In many analytical, diagnostic and treatment ecosystems, Tecan is an essential enabler of precision medicine now and in the future.

This year's Annual Report from Tecan highlights our role in scaling healthcare innovation globally and the transformations that make it so significant. Healthcare and medicine are progressing faster than ever. With a staggering 1,500 investigational new drugs (INDs) based on gene and cell therapeutical approaches, personalized medicine will inevitably grow from innovative ideas to routine practice.

As our population grows and ages, and with skilled labor in constant demand, the need for solutions that can power scalable and affordable healthcare remains urgent. Tecan is already at the heart of making this a reality by empowering early research all the way to clinical applications with efficient workflows and healthcare solutions.

Invariably, scientific progress is achieved by individual researchers and individual laboratories. They are the ones who innovate new methods, technologies, and workflows. To ensure that these successful innovations can be replicated across different healthcare institutions anywhere in the world, standardization and scalability are essential.

Standardization is also essential for quality assurance, comparability, and the possibility of reimbursement by healthcare systems. When we achieve levels of scale driven by modularization and platform building, we enable the adoption of new work processes and the potential to spread them globally – to reach every healthcare system in the world.

The first stage of scaling concerns the research experiments themselves. Individual experiments are often carried out manually in a research lab before they can be automated in their thousands.

Tecan’s proprietary technology is based on robust hard- and software modules that address a wide range of life science, diagnostics, and increasingly medical applications. This modular approach means that Tecan can readily develop and manufacture innovative solutions on its proven platforms, accelerating time to market while reducing development risk. This is an important accelerator of innovation. Tecan's modular approach addresses most conceivable system setups in different fields of the healthcare industry. This makes Tecan a reliable long-term partner to industrial  and research ecosystems, e.g. at academic and research institutions – and therefore a sound investment in the promising future of healthcare innovation.

With its two businesses, the Life Sciences and the Partnering Business, Tecan is uniquely positioned to scale innovation in healthcare from research to the clinic. Through Tecan a win-win situation can be achieved for both our partners and Tecan, leveraging economies of scale.

We see an ever-broader healthcare contribution from Tecan in the phases from liquid biopsy sample preparation to routine diagnostics to medical applications like robotic surgery. This will improve the diagnosis and treatment of many millions, and potentially billions of people in the future. As innovations reach maturity, Tecan will be at the forefront of clinical routine, contributing to the growth of innovative treatments and digital solutions for new approaches in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring.

Thank you for your continued support while Tecan remains committed to being at the heart of helping healthcare scale.

Dr. Achim von Leoprechting
Chief Executive Officer