Tecan Annual Report
Tecan Annual Report

8 Statutory auditors

Date on which Ernst & Young AG (EY) took over the existing auditing mandate

April 13, 2016

Year in which the lead auditor took up his position



Fees paid

CHF 1,000



Total auditing fees of the Group auditor



Total tax and legal consulting fees of
the Group auditor 



Total other consulting fees of the Group auditor 



The auditors are appointed by vote of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for a one-year term. The external audit is reviewed by the Audit Committee. The auditors attend the meetings of the Audit Committee at which the annual and semi-annual financial statements are discussed and preparations are made for approval by the Board of Directors. The auditors report on the audit focus and summarize the audit findings. The auditors submit recommendations regarding the scope of the audit and its focus for the upcoming audit period. At year’s end, the Audit Committee reviews the performance of the auditors as well as the audit costs and submits a proposal to the Board of Directors regarding reappointment of the auditors. As a rule, the Company issues a new request for audit proposals every four years. The lead auditor must be changed every seven years.