Tecan Annual Report
Tecan Annual Report

The fight against cancerdot

Welcome to the Tecan Annual Report for 2022. We enable labs, clinics, and hospitals to tackle the great health challenges of our time. This year, the spotlight is on cancer. Read the stories of how Tecan contributes to the fight against the disease on every front.

Drugs: discovery and development.

Shortening time from lead to market

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Improving production processes.

Producing the next generation of cancer drugs

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Test in time

Diagnosing the disease earlier

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Targeted treatments.

For each patient the therapy that works best

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Secure precision surgery.

lmproving biopsy and surgery outcomes

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2022 at a glance

1,144.3 MLN

214.9 MLN

18.8 %

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Markets & Strategy

Tecan is a pioneer and market leader in laboratory automation and a healthcare enabler. The company is improving people’s lives and health by empowering customers to scale healthcare innovation globally. Tecan enables customers to scale their innovation, whether in laboratory workflows for life science research, various applied markets and diagnostics or in product development and manufacturing for the medical market. Tecan delivers this broad range of healthcare products and services, directly to end users or with OEM partners.

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