Tecan Annual Report
Tecan Annual Report

At the heart of medical technology

Medical technology, particularly the field of medical mechatronics, which focuses on the design and manufacturing of complex medical products with a high robotic and/or custom electronic component, serves as the foundation for a wide range of medical applications such as robotic surgery, energy-based devices for esthetic surgery, cardiovascular controllers, patient monitoring or telemedical devices.

Tecan's capabilities are highly relevant to medical mechatronics. We are continuously expanding our presence in this field. As an end-user business and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner for automation solutions, Tecan is committed to advancing in robotics, fluidics, customized electronics, and their various applications. There are numerous similarities and synergies among life science research, clinical practice, and the medical field. Medical mechatronics is an adjacent market that intersects with life science and diagnostic technologies, offering potential for synergies and manufacturing efficiencies.

Tecan stands out in the highly regulated clinical and medical markets due to our depth of expertise in this area. With this knowledge and specialization in the regulatory field, Tecan assists companies in navigating complex regulatory processes across major markets, so that their solutions are fully compliant and available in more regions around the world.

Today, Tecan collaborates closely with medical companies to meet their specific needs. We provide comprehensive development and manufacturing capabilities, including expertise on how energy can be delivered to human tissue, and its effects on the body. For example, acoustic shockwave therapy has been shown to reduce scar tissue, and tissue heating has been used in a variety of different surgical applications.

Our contribution, e.g. in minimally invasive surgery, brings significant value to the healthcare ecosystem by improving surgical outcomes, reducing complications, and shortening recovery times. These advancements not only enhance patient care but also contribute to cost reduction and increased surgical capacity.

Our vPoke mechanical assembly process ensures precision, accuracy, and improved quality control, while maintaining traceability. With the ability to scale free of constraints, customers can trust that their mechatronic instruments and modules are flawlessly manufactured every time.