The Insider Trading Policy of the Company defines two ordinary close periods (blackout periods). They begin on the close of trading on December 20 (as regard the full year results) and/or on June 20 (as regard the half year results) of each year and end at the opening of the SIX Swiss Exchange on the third trading day after Tecan's financial results for the full year and/or the half year have been released to the press. Tecan’s CEO and CFO jointly shall declare extraordinary Closed Periods where appropriate. This rule applies certain defined functions and individuals who are potentially exposed to critical information. This group includes but is not limited to the members of the Management Board and of the Board of Directors.


Important dates for investors




March 15, 2022

Full Year Results 2021,

Press Briefing on ­Annual Results and Analysts’ ­Conference

April 12, 2022

Annual General Meeting

August 17, 2022

Half Year Results 2022

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