9 Information Policy

Tecan informs shareholders and the financial community on a continuous basis about significant developments in the Company’s business operations. This policy is implemented primarily through regular press releases, interim and annual reports, and information provided on the Company’s website ( In addition, the Company gives regular presentations to institutional investors at its headquarters and at several conferences, and holds numerous individual and group meetings with members of the international financial community. Company publications are available in printed form on request. They can also be downloaded from the Tecan website.


Important dates for investors





March 14, 2018


Full Year Results 2017, Press Briefing on Annual Results and Analysts’ Conference

April 17, 2018

Pfäffikon, SZ

Annual General Meeting

August 16, 2018

Conference Call / Webcast

Half-year Results 2018


For mail or phone inquiries, please contact


Tecan Group Ltd.

Martin Brändle 

VP, Communications & Investor Relations 

Seestrasse 103 

8708 Männedorf 



T + 41 44 922 84 30 

F + 41 44 922 88 89