Responsive Automation:

Taking Transfusion Medicine Testing to the next level

To err is human. This is why Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics has formed a partnership with Tecan to develop the ORTHO VISION™ Analyzer, a system with the power to transform transfusion medicine and greatly improve the safety of blood transfusions by reducing the lab’s reliance on manual methods.

ORTHO VISION (TM) Analyzer Platform

Transfusion medicine has evolved to enhance safety and establish critical efficiencies, although today’s automation solutions lack the ability to anticipate and respond to individual user needs and ever-changing conditions within the laboratory. The ORTHO VISIONTM Analyzer’s unique pairing of secure monitoring technologies and dynamic work flow management is a significant advance that offers labs the ability to address unpredictable demands when needed and have confidence in the results. Designed with secure monitoring technologies for responsive safety checks and balances, the ORTHO VISIONTM Analyzer gives transfusion medicine professionals the ability to track every critical automated step in the immunohematology testing process.

The ORTHO VISIONTM Analyzer verifies and documents diagnostic checks throughout the sampling process; while e-Connectivity provides 24/7 remote data tracking that monitors and ensures instrument performance while maximizing uptime. Laboratory personnel can also log on anytime, anywhere to collaborate on interpreting results in real time for an extra level of confidence. 

In addition to multiple safety advancements, the ORTHO VISIONTM Analyzer also delivers dynamic workflow management, providing the adaptability to respond to unpredictable lab demand. Now lab personnel will be able to focus on prioritizing tests as they are requested, including STAT requests, making informed decisions and re-establishing a natural flow in the lab, all while automating more tests than ever before.