Selection of the current most important products and product groups


Tecan supplies several well-known and widely used instruments to leading diagnostics companies. One partner has for example combined the automation system developed by Tecan with its own reagent cassettes to determine blood types and other important blood parameters. All the work steps in this system solution are fully automated, from pipetting, incubation and centrifugation all the way to results analysis.

Another example is one of the most successful molecular diagnostic platforms. It is marketed by the partner as a system solution jointly with a wide range of different molecular diagnostic tests. Applications include, for example, therapy monitoring in HIV or hepatitis patients and detection of sexually transmitted infections.

Detection instruments from Tecan are also modified for distribution by OEM customers and adapted to the partner’s corporate design. They can also be integrated into fully-automated laboratory solutions.

Dako Omnis

Dako Omnis, a new platform for automated advanced staining for tissue-based cancer diagnostics, was launched by Dako onto the market in 2013. The system automates both of the established processes for the diagnosis of abnormal cells: immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in-situ hybridization (ISH). These methods are used to add antibodies to stain the cell structures of the tissue samples that are key to diagnosis. Details on the Dako Omnis and the application can be found on pages 4 and 7.


Tecan supplies laboratory instrument manufacturers with essential components such as precision pumps, valves, robotic arms and software. A large selection of precision pumps can be used in various applications, covering a wide range of pipetting volumes.

The Cavro XMP 6000 Multi-Channel Pump is for example used in sequencers in the fast-growing area of next-generation sequencing. The Cavro Omni Robot is a liquid-handling component that can be integrated, for example, in life science research and clinical diagnostics applications by an instrument manufacturer. An example of an application can be found on pages 8 and 9.


Consumables, such as certified pipette tips, are an important component of a validated workflow solution for OEM customers active in the diagnostics market. Only high-quality consumables can help ensure a high level of quality and reproducibility in tests.

Customer service

Tecan also offers OEM customers services via its existing infrastructure. Tecan can install instruments at the end customer’s location, provide a helpdesk facility, train the OEM customer’s service team and even handle customer service itself.