Selection of the current most important products and product groups

Liquid handling platforms and workflow solutions

Freedom EVO® and Freedom EVOlyzer®

The Freedom EVO liquid handling platform is a flexible and highly configurable platform for the precise pipetting of small and large volumes of various liquids. Various modules can be incorporated within this platform to address a wide range of laboratory applications and customer analytical workflows. This makes it possible to automate a wide range of repetitive work steps and ensure that the procedures are more reproducible, efficient and safer.

The Freedom EVOlyzer is a validated liquid handling platform with integrated detection devices which is used by clinical laboratories for ELISA-based protocols.

Tecan recently launched a Freedom EVO workstation specifically configured for high-throughput ELISA processing. The higher throughput is being achieved with up to two liquid handling arms working in parallel and two integrated microplate washers. The new platform is designed to meet the requirements of large hospital labs and blood centers, for example in China.

In collaboration with a variety of partners, Tecan also provides standardized workflow solutions. The partners provide specific chemistries or sample preparation devices and Tecan automates and integrates the various procedures of the given application via a combination of hardware devices but also customized software and an intuitive user interface. This provides customers with a pretested, ready-to-use solution that enables them to begin routine work quickly.

In some cases customers require highly complex, individual tailored solutions to achieve full automation of a specific application or workflow. Tecan provides these services and integrates existing modules and technologies, both from Tecan and thirdparty suppliers along with the development of new modules and custom software.

Tecan has made a name for itself with regard to user-friendliness. With the software interface TouchTools™, applications can be started and operated intuitively via a touch-sensitive screen.

Microplate readers and washers

Tecan offers a wide spectrum of analytical devices such as microplate readers and microarray systems, which analyze reactions on a microtiter plate or a microarray, as well as plate

washers, which perform the washing and purification operations of a test procedure.


Customer service

Consumables, such as certified pipette tips, are an important component of a complete laboratory automation solution. High quality consumables are a prerequisite for high productivity and reliable assay results.

The newly launched AC Extraction Plate™, with the inner surface of each well coated with a special technology, was developed to make it possible to easily automate sample preparation for mass spectrometry.

Customer service is a key factor for customer satisfaction and retention. Tecan supports customers across the entire life cycle of its instruments and automation solutions and maintains a service network in over 50 countries.